Cleaning My Room

Since this place was (is) such an awful mess, I decided to document it.  It looks like some crazy OCD-riddled individual who never throws anything away live here...  ::nervous laugh::

These are the clothes that were piled in front of my closet.  I forgot to take pictures until after I had cleared them out of the way.

This is where those clothes were piled, right inside the door.  All of these things have been hiding underneath for God knows how long.  Please note my adorable Dino Riders t-rex.

Pile of books and stuff on the other side of my doorway.  Note my life-sized Legolas cut-out that those awesome guys bought me for Christmas a few years back.  Also a hat rack and my old whiteboard.

Inside my closet.  The board is there to keep my cat from sleeping on my crap, but it doesn't work. 

The shelf in my closet.  Probably the cleanest part of my room.

My desk area. Absolutely awful  there is no excuse for this.

The hang file folder rack next to my desk has too much stuff on top of it to allow me to file anything in said folders.

My bedside table has also gotten out of hand.  My cat loves to knock these things onto the floor while I am trying to sleep.

Old computer, gamesday stuff, doll making materials, and things I intend to make terrain with.  All piled nicely in front of my bookshelf and mirror.

My desk chair.  I didn't have anywhere else to go with all the things I got for Christmas, so I piled them on here.  My sister requested this picture, because she has to move all of these things to the bed and then back every time she wants to play sims.  I, personally, just perch on the bit of chair left in front of them when I use the computer.

That's everything.  When this place is clean, I will have some after photos.  Hopefully they will be less alarming.